Validating Exports

Even if the Compliance Vault is not available, you can still validate your proofs.

If you have exported your document proof, then it's only natural to wonder how you can prove that the document has not been tampered with and that the timestamps in the proof document are correct.

Validating using the Verify Utility

To make sure you can easily validate your archive, we've created an open-source tool that checks that the hash values of your document have not changed, and follows the Blockchain proof all the way up to the Blockchain.

You can download the tool from the downloads page. You can also get the source code from our GitHub repository.

To use the tool, run it from a command line using the "--in" argument pointing to the archive that you've downloaded. For instance, If I downloaded an archive for a document called "Last Will and Testament of John ProvenDocs.pdf", then you would issue the following command:

$ provendb-verify --in "Last Will and Testament of John"
Loading ProvenDB Proof Archive `Last Will and Testament of John`...
Verifying Chainpoint Proof...
Verifying Chainpoint anchor...
Verifying Bitcoin anchor...
Verifying Bitcoin transaction OP_RETURN...
Verifying Bitcoin block merkle root...
Bitcoin block height 572857 has merkle root 8e0ee3b3f1a98764b71707216ebca7ec5113b1ab781463a11375c037d09c83b7
Bitcoin transaction 12ed7b9696d7c630011cc0a2ccc0a717c0186f7edfbb5b949564fe98a6a4090c has OP_RETURN b1d2562f684326b8b77a47595f8f288a50730b98bcdbf36cd56de71d59d4bb16
 PASS  ProvenDB Proof Archive is verified

You can see from this output that the open-source tool has validated the archive.

If you are super-geeky and want to make sure that the open-source tool is doing the right thing, then, of course, you can examine it's source code. Drop us a line at [email protected] if you want us to help you understand the algorithms.

What’s Next