Using ProvenDB for Docusign

How to upload documents using ProvenDB for Docusign.

Certifying and proving your Docusign envelopes is a simple process that integrates seamlessly into your existing DocuSign workflow.
There is only one step you need to take to ensure your document is automatically proven on the Blockchain. When creating your DocuSign envelope as you normally would, simply ensure that you add your personal ProvenDB email address as a recipient. This recipient should be set to "Receives a Copy"


Added ProvenDB for DocuSign as a recipient of your envelope.

If you're not sure how to get this custom address, you can find it in the dashboard of ProvenDB for DocuSign by logging in. It's also available in the Compliance Vault using the "Upload Email" button.


Your custom email address in the Docusign dashboard.


Your custom email address in the Compliance Vault dashboard.

Once you've set ProvenDB to recieve a copy, simply send off your DocuSign envelope and complete the signing process as normal. Once the envelope is completed and all signatures are done, it will be sealed and certified on the Blockchain, once this process completes you will receive an email containing your proof!


Your Docusign email.

What’s Next

If you want to, you can take this proof and validate it against the Blockchain yourself!