Uploading Files

There are a number of options when adding documents to the Compliance Vault. Did you know you can load files by emailing them to us?

It's easy to upload documents to the Compliance Vault. You can add documents in one of four ways:

Uploading in the Web UI

The simplest and most direct way to upload documents into your vault is using the web interface. This method also provides the most options.

  1. Click on the upload tab, which will then allow you to load files using the normal open file dialogue or drag and drop files into the window.

Creating a new upload.

  1. Select which documents are "New Versions" and which are "New Documents". For more information on document versioning, see this page.

  2. If applicable, select a folder, a comment and up to 5 tags for your upload.

  3. Review the upload and finalize it!

Uploading via Email.

A lot of the most important communication in business happens over email, so it's important that we are able to verify the integrity, contents and timestamp of email messages. To help with this we've enabled the option to email documents and messages directly to the Compliance Vault.

  1. Send an email from the email address associated with your Compliance Vault account to [email protected].

  2. After a brief amount of time, you will receive an email confirming your upload was successful.

  3. You should now see your documents in the interface, alongside a proven representation of the email itself. Note: Email uploads will always be prefixed with E and a number.


We have uploaded two files with our email, the email itself "E37_Email Subject." and it's attached file "E37_lightpaper.pdf"


Email Upload Notes

Email uploads will create one document for the email itself as well as one document for every attachment in the email. Should an email have the exact subject line as an existing document then a new document version will be created for that email. Likewise, any attachments in the email will result in new versions of those attachments.

Bulk Upload Utility

For uploading large numbers of documents, or for programmatically uploading documents we have created the Compliance Vault Bulk Upload Utility. This is a command-line utility (for Linux, Mac and Windows) that allows you to easily upload many files directly from your local machine. This is ideal if you plan on uploading a large number of files or want to upload files as part of a script or CRON job.

You can find out more about the bulk upload utility here.

Upload Limitations

  • For all upload methods, the current maximum document size is 16MB.

  • When uploading via Email or the Web interface, there is a limit of 12 documents per upload.

  • For free cloud accounts, the compliance vault has an account limit of 1GB or 100 documents, whichever is exceeded first.