Document Versions

A document can have more than one version. Here's how that works.

When creating new versions of documents, there are two distinct cases. The first is updating a document without changing its name, the interface will pick up on this matching name and guide you. The second case is updating a document with a different name, in this case you will have to explicitly mark these are different versions of the same document.

Documents with matching names

If you attempt to upload a document that has the same name as an existing Compliance Vault document, then the interface will prompt you to create a new version of that document. Document versions have their own cryptographic proofs and their own data storage but will only be displayed as a single entity in the “My Documents” panel.

When you upload a document with a matching name, Compliance Vault will prompt you to either create new version create a new document:


Choosing between loading a new document and a new version

If you create new versions, then only the status of the latest version will be displayed by default in the “My Documents” panel. However, you are able to view individual versions by clicking on the “See document history” button for the document concerned:


Viewing the history of a given document in the detail panel.

Documents with different names

To upload a document version with a different name, click the dropdown on the document thumbnail and select "Upload New Version".

From here you will be prompted to select a document on your machine to upload. The selected file will be marked as a new version of the existing document and will now show up in the detail view as part of the document history:


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