Document Proofs

The most important part of compliance integrity is Document proof. Here's how proofs work.

What is a Document Proof?

When a document or data record is added to ProvenDB Compliance Vault, cryptographic
signatures of the document are created. These signatures are aggregated and anchored to a public Blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Once anchored to the public Blockchain, the signatures form an impeccable and irrefutable
proof of document state and origin time. The Blockchain record – which cannot be altered by
any known technology – proves the overall integrity and timestamp of items in the Vault,
eliminating any possibility of undetected tampering or backdating.

Documents held within a ProvenDB Compliance Vault, therefore, meet the highest levels of
regulatory compliance:
• Irrefutable proof of the origin date of the document
• Non-repudiation of documents
• Audibility and transparency of all alterations
• Complete tamper detection
• Cryptographic certificates confirming data ownership, date of origin and integrity

However, for less technical users, this may be quite difficult to follow. For ease of use, the Compliance Vault create a Proof Certificate for each document that is added, this certificate is a simple, printable document that explains the proof in simple terms and with references to ensure anyone can understand and follow the proof from the document all the way to its cryptographic proof.

Viewing your Proof Certificates

The Compliance Vault will proofs for your documents automatically. However, there may be a short delay before the proof is created.

To view your proof, simply click on a document to view the details page, here you will see an embedded Proof Certificate, you can also download this certificate. You can also download the archive, which contains everything you need including the certificate.