Document Folders

Folders are a time tested way to organize documents. Here's how to use them in the Vault.

When uploading large numbers of documents, it's often useful to organize them into different folders. This serves two purposes in the Compliance Vault, firstly it allows you to organize your documents for easier viewing, and secondly the folder a document exists in will also be contained in its Cryptographic proof, this adds an additional piece of metadata that can be added to your documents when managing regulation and compliance.


Moving Documents Between Folders

Because the folder is contained in the cryptographic proof, moving a document between folders will create a new version of that document with a new folder. This means you can even verify the integrity of which folder the document is being held in!

Creating Folders

Folders can be created in the documents panel using the button on the right-hand side of the "My Documents" view.


Organizing Documents

Once you've created a folder, you can move documents into that folder in a few different ways:

  1. Drag a document into the folder.
  1. Click the document options drop-down and select the "Set Folder" option.
  1. When uploading documents, you may select a folder to upload documents directly in to.

Deleting Folders

To delete a folder, click on the folder options drop-down and select "Delete Folder". If that folder contains documents, you will be prompted to select a new destination for all the contained documents, this could be another folder or "Root" (no folder).