Deployment Options

You can use ProvenDB Compliance Vault on-premise or as a cloud service.

The Compliance comes into different deployment options, we have also created a file system utility for backing up documents programmatically.

Compliance Vault in the Cloud

The ProvenDB cloud service is the easiest and, operationally, the cheapest deployment option.
Data resides in a fully managed cloud database that supports industry-standard encryption and
security measures. Data can be uploaded to the Vault using a variety of tools, both command
line and a “drag and drop” web interface. Documents can even be added to the cloud service by
emailing them from a registered account.

Compliance Vault on Premises

An on-premise deployment supports organizations whose security procedures prohibit the
storage of sensitive information in the cloud. In this scenario, all elements of the ProvenDB
Compliance Vault is installed within the customer’s data center. This aggregated digital
signature is the only element that leaves the customer data center since the signature must be
listed on a public Blockchain. However, these signatures are 256-bit numbers which cannot be
converted to any meaningful data and which contain no identifiable information (not even the
source of the transaction can be deduced from the signature).

Compliance Vault File System Utility

The ProvenDB Compliance Vault filesystem utility can be used to create a Vault from an existing,
self-managed, file system. Using this utility, you can create digital signatures for files within an
existing directory structure. The utility can generate cryptographic proofs of data integrity, date
or origin, and ownership as required. In each of these scenarios, document data and
cryptographic proofs can be exported to an open format, ensuring that your compliance proofs
remain valid even should you cease to use the ProvenDB Compliance Vault.