Bulk Upload Utility

For uploading large numbers of documents, or for programmatically uploading documents we have created the Compliance Vault Bulk Upload Utility. This is a command-line utility (for Linux, Mac and Windows) that allows you to easily upload many files directly from your local machine. This is ideal if you plan on uploading a large number of files or want to upload files as part of a script or CRON job.


1. Download the relevant version of the Utility:

2. Make sure the binary is executable, on Mac or Linux you can use this command:

# On Mac:
## Grant Execute Permissions
chmod u+x provendb-upload_darwin_amd64 # Grant Execute Permissions
## Allow unknown publisher.
xattr -d com.apple.quarantine provendb-upload_darwin_amd64 

# On Linux:
## Grant Execute Permissions
chmod u+x provendb-upload_linux_amd64  # Grant Execute Permissions


Before you can begin uploading, you will need to authenticate, linking the upload utility with your cloud Compliance Vault. To do this, run the following command:

./provendb-upload_darwin_amd64 auth

You will then be guided through logging in with your chosen OAuth provider.


Authenticating with the Upload Utility.

Now you are ready to start uploading!

Uploading Files

There are two primary modes when uploading files using the utility: Interactive and Quiet.
Interactive Mode is the regular way to upload files, the utility will guide you through the process and ask you for additional information before placing your files in the vault.
Quiet Mode is for when you want to upload files without providing any additional input and reduced output, for example, when your Vault upload runs on an automated schedule or as part of an application. Below are examples of both uploads:

Interactive Mode:

./provendb-upload_darwin_amd64 upload ./sampleFile.txt

You'll notice in the GIF above that the user must provide input when prompted for a comment, tag and confirmation, making it difficult to automate this process. This is where Quiet Mode comes in.

Quiet Mode:

./provendb-upload upload -q ./sampleFile.txt

When running in quiet mode, you can see that no additional input is required and that extra information is not logged, making quiet mode ideal for automated uploads.

Additional Options

The upload utility also provides a number of additional parameters that can be used during uploads. Below is a full list of the options supported:

Option NameShorthandDescription
Recursive-rUpload all subdirectories of the target. Only usable on a directory.
Quiet-qLimit output and do not prompt for additional input.
Message-mSet a message for the upload without being prompted.
Tags-tSet tags for the upload without being prompted.