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What can I use ProvenDocs for?


You can use ProvenDocs for numerous needs. The list is endless. Here are some examples:

  • Wills and Legal Documents
    Need to maintain wills or other legal records? ProvenDocs can keep a record of all the variations of your documents, proving each version on the Blockchain. Keep your legal records verifiable, confidential, and tamper-proof.

  • Accounting and Tax Records
    You can prove the existence and timestamp of receipts, claims, accounting records or any other time-sensitive information.

  • Intellectual Property
    Prove ownership of any intellectual property securely, permanently and incontrovertibly on the Blockchain. The Blockchain proof can be used to establish your rights to art, patentable ideas, designs or any other intellectual property.

  • Contracts and Commercial Documents
    The provenance and integrity of a contract or commercial document can be established at any time. You can be sure that a document has not tampered, post-dated or otherwise falsified.